Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Someone has done the impossible: created a CUTE MIME.

Meet Thaddeus:

I have a piece of this artist's work, and they're gorgeously made and just absolutely adorable. There's nothing I hate more than a mime, but I'm in love with this little dude.

Please note that I'm in no way affiliated with this artist when I say this: go check out her other work. You WILL see at least ten things you want. She also does custom work. Check out her sold items - as well as the "usual" stuffed animals, she's made narwhals, tapirs and, my personal favorite, El Chupacabra!

And make sure you read the item descriptions - each one has a unique personality that will crack you up.

1 comment:

Sadako said...

That's damned adorable. Between this and the Moscow dolls, I'm starting to...woah...LIKE clowns.