Sunday, July 11, 2010

It might take you a minute to find the clown here.

There are a bunch of weird creepy things in this frame.

I've never seen a clown play the cello before. Unless it's meant to be a fiddle and the "artist" just has a poor sense of scale.


Sadako said...

This is off topic but I'm watching an episode of Frasier that deals with coulrophobia. (And even uses the word coulrophobia.) Frasier is treating a patient who suffers from clown phobia and eventually dresses up as a really creepy looking clown and scares his father into having a heart attack.

Sadako said...

Here he is as the clown. Evil, eh?

coulrophobic agnostic said...

Oh man, I love Frasier. Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce are two of the funniest men alive (of course everyone else on the show was great, too - including the dog who played Eddie!)