Sunday, July 4, 2010

You're standing on my neck.

First of all, apologies to both of my readers: I haven't been able to sit down and do anything internet-related in a couple of weeks, save for a few email/comment checks.

What I was able to do, though, was finally spend some time with my Daria DVDs. Did anyone not love that show?! I loved it, everyone I knew growing up loved it, everyone I've met in my adult life who grew up in the USA loved it, my 35-years-my-senior father loved was just a damn good show. At least until Tom showed up. God, I hated him. But I digress.

Watching season five was the most interesting for me, since those episodes were the ones rarely if ever aired on The N during my adulthood, so I hadn't seen them in ages. In fact, I'd forgotten that Art Burn, the episode in which Jane paints copies of famous works of art for profit, had ever existed. (In my defense, I was quite a bit older than the target audience in the later seasons - although I swear originally Daria was older than I was! I guess that's how cartoon characters are; they can age however you want them to.)

Anyway (I swear, I have a point), there's a scene where Daria and Tom (grr) go to support Jane at a local art fair, making snarky comments about other peoples' art as they go.

It's amazing how clowns turn up everywhere once you start a blog dedicated to them.


The Silvas said...

haha love it! Welcome back, I've so missed the clowns! hehehe

Sadako said...

I love Daria! And hating clowns. Nice combination.