Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ernest Borgnine as a clown.

No, that's not a snarky comment in some way. It's...a picture of Ernest Borgnine as a clown.

I apparently found this on the website of a woman named Pam, aka "Snickers the Clown," as that's who this is all addressed to. I didn't ask before taking the picture, and I haven't any idea where her site might be that I might ask (there are plenty of clowns who go by "Snickers," apparently, as I see a bunch on Google, and Pam's full name only brings up the usual stuff.)

Pam seems to be doing well in her work, so props to her, and Borgnine seems like a class act to send such a personal response. But goddamn, the guy makes a scary-ass clown.

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Anonymous said...

As if Borgnine wasnt intimidating enough!