Saturday, July 17, 2010

I can haz waaaahmbulance?

Sigh. Apparently the fucking Cheezburger network has started a site like mine. I don't know why this bugs me - it's not like creepy clowns are an unusual subject - but it makes me feel like I shouldn't even bother. It's going to be a real bitch finding material that isn't featured there before I can post it here. I dunno, I've always been bothered by the rapid expansion of that site network - it always reminded me of WalMart crushing little mom 'n pop stores. Bigger selection, sure, but no character or personal touch. Just a bunch of nameless drones piling product on the shelves.

Yeah, I take the internet too seriously. And, I mean, I LIKE the lolcats and whatnot. And I have all of three followers, so it's not like this site is significant, BUT. At the same time...goddammit, I have a passion for scary clowns. While there wasn't much chance at this site becoming the next Regretsy or Cake Wrecks, at least I felt like I was sharing something I enjoyed with the world. (You know, all three of you.) Now there's a bigger, better place to get your scary clown fix. And that makes me a little sad.


Sadako said...

Aw, I'll still come here. I find that cheezburger takes forever to load and I just don't like the overall set up of the site. Plus, I like your comments. It just feels more familiar and homey. (Which is kind of a feat, considering it's a site about evil clowns.)

JOhn said...

Yes. Exactly what Sadako said!

The Silvas said...

Awww, we'll always stick with you, we love ya! :) (All 3 of us!) hehehe